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Shipping and returns policy integrated into the general terms and conditions of business that the company GE MATARO CENTRO 2006, S.L., owner of the website and the brand El Rincón de la Abuela VenezolanaThis applies to all online orders placed on your domain. Nevertheless, for any consultation or clarification of the same ones, please contact via email to


For purposes of this shipping policy, are understood as orders of the day those ordered and confirmed via web or telephone before 17:00 hours, with the sole exception of those whose chosen means of payment is bank transfer, in which the order will be included the day the amount of the same (indicated the order number in the concept) is received in the current account of the company.

Orders will be shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays within Barcelona, Catalonia, Peninsula, Andorra and Portugal.



The transportation of items purchased in will be done through an external messaging company. The delivery times are shown in the following table as normal times, notwithstanding that they may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order, such as the availability of the chosen product or shipping area. Also, in exceptional circumstances this period could be altered by causes external to the carrier or difficulties in delivery.

In order to avoid delivery incidents (erroneous addresses, inability to find a customer at home, etc.), it is essential to fill in the corresponding form correctly and it is obligatory to fill in the box relating to the contact telephone numbers.

Please refer to the following table for the delivery period and shipping cost:

DESTINO                                           TIPO                    TARIFA*(desde)        ENTREGA**(máximo)

24-72h.   Max 5Kg
24-72h.   Max 5Kg
24-72h.   Max 5Kg
24-72h.   Max 5Kg
3-6 días
3-6 días    Max 5Kg


*The shipping cost will be calculated according to the weight of the same (all prices include V.A.T.).
** Delivery under normal conditions, excluding public holidays or non-working days in Spain.
*** Shipping rates to Europe will depend on the country of final destination.


In 24-hour shipments, delivery is the next day before 14:00 in capitals and main towns of the peninsula (with NACEX delegations). For other towns, delivery in morning or afternoon, depending on the route with limit until 20 hours.


Daily connection with Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and Coimbra.

Express service with delivery 24 hours in the main cities and 48 hours in the rest of the country.

The responsibility of Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana is limited in cases of force majeure. (strikes, adverse weather phenomena that prevent normal traffic by land, sea or air, ...). These affected orders will be delivered as soon as possible.

Delivery times depend on order processing time and delivery time, It may vary depending on the distribution network provided by the transport agency in each region. At the time of delivery, the customer must not make any payment unless you have chosen cash on delivery, in which case you must pay the amount of the order, transport and the surcharge for this service at the time of receipt. It is important to note that cash on delivery is not available for orders outside Spain.

The customer can select delivery in two time slots: morning (until 14:00) or afternoon (from 16:00).

Shipping times for an order vary for each sale, but under normal conditions, the minimum delivery time of an order placed through before 17:00 hours will be 1 day and the maximum of 7 working days, depending on the type or class of product and the place of delivery. Always trying to adjust to the conditions exposed for each type of shipment.

El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana offers customers the possibility of registering their identification data and shipping addresses to streamline the process in subsequent purchases by simply selecting one of several addresses from among those that has been stored in the system. You can also modify, delete or enter new, as well as view previous orders, products saved as favorites.

El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of possible delays in shipment.

The carrier will attempt to deliver up to 2 times to the address provided by the customer. It is the responsibility of the same to be present at the location provided to El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana. If the addressee is not located in the place indicated in the order, the transport agency will leave a warning note with a telephone so that it can specify the exact date, time and place of the second delivery attempt or, failing this, this will be done on the next working day.

If after this delivery is not completed, the carrier will return the package to origin and El Rincon de la Abuela Venezolana will refund the amount of the order, deducting the costs of return.


In accordance with Article 74 of Law 3/2014 of 27 March, the customer is granted the right of return within fourteen calendar days of receipt of the order.

The procedure for returning a product(s) involves the following steps:

  • Each customer can initiate a return process by simply accessing their profile and, once in it, enter the History and details of my orders where you can view the total orders you have placed with their keys in  and even repeat each one with a single click.
  • Once identified the order to return, you must enter it by clicking on the DETAILS box that each order has on the right side, which will take you to the phases of the order status, delivery address and the products that were included in it.
  • You must mark the product or products to be returned in the box that is enabled on the left side for each one and, if several units have been purchased, indicate in the column Quantity, the number of units of the product you want to return (by default are marked all units that were purchased,).
  • In the next part of the returns panel and under the heading RETURN OF GOODS, there is a box where there is an option to write the reason for the return so that we can try to improve our services and products and offer the best possible experience in the future.
  • Click on the following button Start the return process so that the request arrives at El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana.

In any case, and before proceeding to a purchase, it is possible to consult here the request form of return that El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana puts at the disposal of the clients.

From then on, our Customer Service department receives the message immediately with all the details of the request, and will be able to contact the user if further information is needed.

This in turn in your user profile can see the tracking of the return and each time there is a change in the situation of the same will arrive an email informing you.

The return shipment, whenever possible, is recommended to do it using the same box sent by, or some similar format that guarantees the return in perfect condition, because otherwise, the depreciations that the product (s) could suffer in the return trip would be imputable to him whenever they were owed clearly to the support in which he travelled.

Once the notice of withdrawal has been received and all the requirements have been met, the total amount of the order, the product(s) of the order with the corresponding transport costs or the shipment of a new product according to what is finally decided by mutual agreement, within 14 calendar days after Customer Service receives the notice from the customer.

In the case of products which may deteriorate, expire rapidly or which must be kept and transported cold. A discount shall be applied to the refund amount on the basis of the depreciation of the goods.
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