Zulia Beer
Bottle 300ml

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Produced and distributed by Cervecería Regional, Zulia Beer is a Pilsen type beer, with 4.5% alcohol content, balanced taste for its smoothness and unmatched texture.
Packaging: Bottle 300ml

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Produced and distributed by Cervecería Regional, Cerveza Zulia is a Pilsen-type beer, with an alcohol content of 4.5%, a balanced taste due to its smoothness and unbeatable texture.

After the creation of the brewery that bears the same name, the history of the Zulia Beer begins in 1925. Four years later, Cervecería Zulia merged with Cervecería Maracaibo to form Cervecerías Unidas Zulia and Maracaibo, the company in charge of beer production and distribution. In 1945, the company shortened its name to Cervecería Zulia again and ten years later became part of C.A Cervecera Nacional. In 1994, after the acquisition of this brewery, Cerveza Zulia now belongs to Ambev Venezuela's portfolio. Translated with

After years of absence, in 2008 the Zulia Beer is re-launched on the market. At first it was destined to be an unlimited edition, but due to the success obtained, it was decided to continue its elaboration and it continued to be released to the market. It is currently produced and distributed by C.A Cervecería Regional, a company that was founded in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia, on May 14, 1929 and acquired the brand in 2012. Translated with

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, cereals, hops and stabilisers.

Alcoholic strength: 4.5º

Packaging: Bottle 300ml

Weight 600 g

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