Apio Criollo Frozen
Empaque 450g

4,95 (IVA inc.)

Arracacha is a highly nutritious and popular food in South America.

Packaging: 453g pack 

The arracacha  also known as arracacheAPIO CRIOLLOracachavirracawhite carrot or mandioquiña salsais a food plant, originally from the Andes and currently cultivated in Costa RicaColombiaBrasilPerúVenezuela and Ecuador between 600 and 3200 masl (meters above sea level). It belongs to the family of the apiáceas, as well as the carrot (carrot) and apio (Apium graveolens).

Arracacha is a highly nutritious food and very popular in South America, in fact, it is known with different terms depending on the country in which we are. In many places it is also called celery. This food offers multiple benefits to our body because it is rich in betacorotene, in addition to protecting us from some cardiovascular diseases and intestinal flora.

Packaging: 453g pack 

Frozen at -18º

Weight 500 g

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