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Cream Punch
Alfonso Loreto 1 litro

20,00 (IVA inc.)

El Ponche Crema Alfonso Loreto es una bebida típica de Venezuela, tradicion Familiar en la época navideña que se prepara de forma artesanal o se compra ya lista. Este cremoso brebaje dulce se hace a base de huevos, leche condensada, leche entera y por supuesto contiene alcohol (ron).

Presentación: Botella de 1Litro.

The Ponche Crema Alfonso Loreto  is a typical Venezuelan Christmas drink prepared by hand or purchased ready-made. This creamy sweet concoction is made from eggs, condensed milk, whole milk and of course contains alcohol (rum). There are many variations and each family has its own secret touch. Its smell is characteristic of the nights decembrinas.  It is customary to have a bottle in the refrigerator and offer a drink to the ladies who come home to visit although many gentlemen also enjoy it during a pleasant conversation. It is an excellent gift for those of us who appreciate it. It can be said that the Ponche Crema is cousin of the Puerto Rican Coquito, the Mexican Rompope, the American Eggnog, among others. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Presentación: Botella de 1Litro.

Weight 1300 g

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