Pollo Mechado
250g-2 pers.

8,50 (IVA inc.)

El Pollo Mechadois one of the most typical dishes in Venezuelan cuisine, is accompanied by rice, black beans, Tajada, or stuffed Arepa...

Packaging: Vacuum packaging 250g (for two people)

El Pollo Mechado, aunque más correctamente debería ser desmechado, es uno de los platos más típicos en la gastronomía Venezolana . El Pollo mechado  es un plato que se acompaña con arepas acompañados de un buen queso amarillo es espectacular. El Pollo mechado  es uno de los arepas fillings favorite of Venezuelans, a delicious option that also stars in the "pabellón criollo", the national dish par excellence. This alternative, although laborious, is usually worth it and is that in most homes a good amount of shredded meat is prepared that yields enough to be enjoyed in several meals.

Packaging: Vacuum packaging 250g (for two people)

Frozen at -18º

When Open Consume Immediately

Weight 260 g

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