Bollitos navideños

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The Christmas rolls are made with the remaining ingredients from the hallacas.

Packaging: 1 unit (250g)

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The Christmas rolls are made with the ingredients left over from the making of the hallacas.

Dough, broths, stew and adornments are mixed, adding to the preparation, without fear, good portions of the same condiments and seasonings that take the stew and the dough, depending on the volume of your mixture and your taste, the seasoning you put it tasting and looking for a very strong flavor balanced between sweet, salty bitter and spicy, increasing the succulence and the color with pork lard onotada, prepared of a higher tone than the one that you prepared for the dough of the hallacas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Packaging: 1 unit (250g)

Weight 250 g
Type of filling

Normal (tradicional), Vegetariano

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